Summer 12 Step Group

By popular demand, the “Learning Healthy Relationship Skills” 12 Step group sponsored by the Vital Connections student group will continue to meet over the summer. We are meeting in TAYLOR HALL Room 106 Wednesdays at 3 p.m. Remember, this is an open group meaning NEW PEOPLE are welcome to join the process at any time. It is also crucial that all members honor the CONFIDENTIALITY and ANONYMITY of the members. The stories you hear in this room are to be held in strictest confidence; not to be repeated anywhere at anytime. This is what makes our 12 Step groups SAFE to be real when sharing our hurts, struggles and pain.

Self-care in Ministry and Mission

On May 20, 2014 the Vital Connections student group at Fuller sponsored a conversation on self care. Participants included faculty members Cynthia Ericksson (School of Psychology), Judith Tiersma Watson (School of Intercultural Studies), Kurt Frederickson (School of Theology} and Dale Ryan (School of Theology). The audio of this event is available below:

Listen [mp3, 1.5 hrs]